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Originally Posted by Sprocket View Post

- Squeeling brakes in cold weather (BMW has acknowledged the problem and are working on it)
More of an annoyance than a defect. We have the same issue in US with the MSport brakes that come with the Euro spec (dusty) pads. A fix will come, just be patient. If you search the forum, you'll find many posters claim the squeal went away by itself after 1-2K miles of driving.

- The windshield washer fluid sensor can't deal with all kinds of fluid. Certain mixes with too pure water (or high concentration of antifreeze) will trip the low level indicator even when the reservoir is full. BMW is working on it.
I've heard of this issue as well. Not sure if this is a Europe only issue. Can dealer get you some BMW approved washer fluid? How much could a bottle cost? Certainly not worth you getting annoyed with your new car. Eventually they will address in software or with a new sensor (which is located in the washer fluid reservoir.)

- The cold weather engine heating package (with charger and heater for the cockpit) was incorrectly mounted by the dealer, resulting in a tie strap pointing straight into the cooling fan making a loud annoying sound.
Dealer mistake. Don't blame BMW because their dealer has sloppy tech's. BMW has a high level of tech training, but no matter how much training they enforce, if dealership management lacks, your service experience will too.

- Today I noticed that the light control for the Xenons has failed. No matter what speed I go, the lights are dipped down as much as possible so they effectively illuminate just a few feet ahead of the car. It is now totally useless in the dark.
We don't get headlight control like that in the US. Take it in and get them to fix it. Likely the switch or a fuse....

So, this far it seems I have had some bad luck. This would have been OK if the dealer had dealt with it in a professional manner. However, as soon as I signed the contract, it felt like they lost any and all interest in me. I am expecting them to care and personally try to solve the problem by interfacing with the service department, etc. But the attitude is along the lines of "Why are you callin me - call the service department, I didn't build the car, there's nothing I can do". Well, I do try to call the service department but they are hard as &%! to get a hold of.

So, here I am stuck with a car with way too many problems for a brand new one and a dealer who don't seem to give a d*mn.
I am utterly and totally disappointed in the extremely poor experience it has been this far to get a brand new so called premium german car.

By the way, if anyone is buying a new BMW in Stockholm, Sweden, do PM me and I will tell you which dealer NOT to trust with your time and money.

Advise dealer service manager that you want an appointment with the BMW rep. who visits them once or twice a month. Sometimes just requesting this appointment will motivate dealers bad attitude. Sometimes not, but the BMW rep should be able to help you work with dealer to get these issues resolved.

Trust me, these BMW reps grade dealer performance and dealers don't like to get dinged on their performance scores.