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Originally Posted by Sprocket View Post
To give the full picture, I did not approach sales at first. I did go through the service department. My first call to the sales guy (if I recall correctly) came after problem #3. At that point I was annoyed and expected him to take care of the problem and the communication with me, as getting in touch with the service department was hard and they were not giving the problems the attention they needed.

I run a company and we have lots of customer contact. From my point of view, even if you're a sales guy and is supposed to sell you do have a responsibility personally for the things you sell. So if I buy a car from a sales rep, and I have problems with it that exceed what can be expected then he is the first one I will go to when I am stuck. His job then is to stand up for the product that he sold and fight any battles that need fighting for me.

Regarding "lemon law" or our swedish equivalent, I am not considering it at this point. But if the car continues to have problem after problem I will invoke it real soon, and I don't think that is unreasonable. I have to be able to trust a brand new premium car. At this point, I don't.

I don't disagree with anything you've said. But, my point is that your issues were incredibly minor in nature. You need to pick your battles. None of these issues were affecting the performance of the car or your ability to drive it. They were simply annoyances. Your expectation of him to take care of the issues and communication with you was a tad unreasonable. Now if you were not able to drive the car, or the service department never provided an updates or feedback, THEN I could see involving the sales guy. But not at the point you did.

It seems you have incredibly high expectations on many different levels. You need to realize nothing and no person is perfect. Price is wholly irrelevant.