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Originally Posted by svache View Post
Did you ask them to look for it? It happens just once every 2-5 minutes. I noticed it the first time by accident because I was sitting in my car in complete darkness with the lights almost touching a wall so it would reflect right away. After this I've been looking at other lights, on my car but also on others, and every single one had the same problem.

However, like said, someone did find some coding and I tried it out yesterday.. there's no flickering anymore. The blinks at the start of the car are gone and so are the ones later on.

In order to remove the blinks, 3 settings per light need to be changed. A cold temperature check, a warm temperature check and a setting to tell the car it is actually LED installed instead of a bulb. Once these three settings are changed, all blinking is gone. It makes sense, the cold temp check is done when the car starts, the warm when the car is running (and it probably does this on a certain interval) and the LED setting speaks for itself
Can you give me more details on that coding, DIY instructions?