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Originally Posted by BMWILUVU View Post
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few years back, had an FK2 type R. Was sublime on track - zero body roll, no ducking and diving, it was a borderline track car.

my car - is the opposite. Its currently on sale but no one interested, so looks like i'm keeping it.

now, i'm not bothered about ride quality on the road at all - so with that in mind, what would it take to get my car to FK2 levels of composure?

will stiffer springs do? Or would i need stiffer ARB's?

or will i have to spend some money and get a full suspension kit? would i also need to upgrade the sway bars too?

Also what do people recommend - not willing to spend high-end, what should i look at for low-medium end, that will give me that ultra stiff and responsive handling i'm after, but also reasonably priced? what brands?
That car is 600 lbs lighter, why not just buy a civic type R?
Have you ever seen the exterior or interior of a type R? Why even ask this question. Did you think it was clever?
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