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Originally Posted by johnung View Post
If I was only permitted one suspension mod it would be upgraded sway bars. Body roll is the top issue in F3x. Rear bushings are at the bottom of my list.

When my rear sway bar, shocks and springs were being replaced I was looking at rear bushings and discussed it with the BMW tech who was doing the work for me. He strongly cautioned me not to replace my rear bushings with solid or stiffer bushings because it would introduce Noise Vibration Harshness. From what I know now, I would only consider sealed monoball street bushings.
well you've convinced me.

i just spoke to my trusted local indy, to replace front+rear ARB's.
3 hours labour, 75/hr = 235. Which i'm super happy with.

A decision has been made then - time to shop around for some serious arb's front and rear. i think i'll just start calling them 'sway bars' now for this forum!

Any recommendations? or just go with what you've got! why did you choose H&R over others in the end?

seems to be some reservations about bushes then from your side compared to others....... i guess if i'm replacing the sways then seems like the right time to do the bushes too - but i duno which ones to go for. Some disagreement here about just how much of an impact they make.... i can see both sides.

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