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Originally Posted by gippy View Post
well you've convinced me.

i just spoke to my trusted local indy, to replace front+rear ARB's.
3 hours labour, 75/hr = 235. Which i'm super happy with.

A decision has been made then - time to shop around for some serious arb's front and rear. i think i'll just start calling them 'sway bars' now for this forum!

Any recommendations? or just go with what you've got! why did you choose H&R over others in the end?

seems to be some reservations about bushes then from your side compared to others....... i guess if i'm replacing the sways then seems like the right time to do the bushes too - but i duno which ones to go for. Some disagreement here about just how much of an impact they make.... i can see both sides.
NVH comes with sealed monoball too. Why not look for a used Type-R, but if you are starting down that path, stiffer lowering springs and dampers are first. Think about lighter or forged rims and now is the time for the tires upgraded too. Swaybars can be later to tune or tweak the end-result suspension. Forget the strut tower bars, they do very little on these rigid chassis on the streets. Tuning suspensions cost alot of time and money.