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Originally Posted by skier_du View Post
I just had a conversation a few weeks ago about sway-bars with my buddy. He builds very fast BMW race cars for over 30 years and has racing experience himself. He said most of the fastest guys prefer large front bars and something closer to stock size rear sways. They're able to cary more speed through the corners that way, as well as put the power down earlier. So going with Eibach is not a bad idea. I'm taking this approach now as well. Going out with big front and stock rear and see how it handles. Then I'll increase the rear to whatever level I need from there without going too large. Unfortunately my car is xDrive and the front sway I got didn't fit (was supposed to). And I'm just too busy to drop the front subframe anytime soon. So it'll have to wait for next season.
I don't have experience with Bilstein coilovers. I didn't like their B8 shocks. But their coilover set should out perform pretty much any shock and spring combo on the track. I will say the B8's with Swift Spec-R springs was flatter on the track than my current KW V3's on full firm.
Definitely a good move to get the camber plates. It's really the single most important mod for tracking (suspension wise anyway). It's the only way to get the front end turn in, traction and have you front tire's outer edge survive.
Just 1 recommendation. Since you're going to have the rear subframe dropped and are paying to do it, put in some subframe bushings while you're at it to save labor. I do agree with the incremental change philosophy, but you will eventually change them any. Once you get sways and coils done, it'll be apparent how soft the rear of the car really is. At least add some Powerflex Black drop in bushings if you don't want to press them at this point. I did that and it made a substantial difference to the rear of the car staying inline for quick transitions and putting power down.
what didn't you like about the B8's?

They feel stiff AF on sharp bumps for daily driving, but other than that they are pretty smooth and keep the car flat like you mentioned. I don't even feel like i really would want/need sways. my tire is a couple millimeters from front my fender and its so stiff it doesn't even rub the liner.