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sway bars, shmay barely need the bushings instead brother, you won't be sorry.

you live in a world where multiple mods can be done now, save later!
so what bushings do i need?
im' going to plunge into ISTA to understanding how many and where located.

EDIT: useful diagram below from powerflex. Looks like the ones i should change when replacing the sway bars (that make sense to change at the same time, excluding the sway bar ones as they come with the kit), are just 19 + 20 = the rear subframe front + rear bushes.

The rest i can do on my own if i feel the need to, without having to do anything complicated like lowering subframes. Right?

browsing around the forums, looks like i should look into
- rear subframe bushings - Solid delrin

or alternative?

A number of forum posts i've come across suggest that these bushes are not suitable for street, because of the additional bumps etc.. not found on a track. And therefore could deform and give me a headache.
I need to find out if these rear subframe bushings will be useable for daily road use and not cause damage....... the car will be doing anywhere up to 10000 miles annually.

- rear differential bushing (going to ignore for now)
- front control arm bushings. (VAC monoball)

furthmore, reading around, it sounds like Monoball might be my best bet due to excess wear reported on control arm poly bushes? according to a post by Watsey

Subframe bushings I went for powerflex black inserts instead of full replacement, vibrations are OK.

Avoid poly bushes, I've been there and back, unreliable and too flexible; monoball on thrust arms is the way to go.
Millway is top quality and now has a street version which should be great I think, didn't exist when I changed mine.
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