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My F36 in an accident yesterday

so, this happened on my 2019 bmw 440i GC x drive with around 3000 miles.
i live in new york and there are alot of drives that should stay home and ride uber instead of driving or the state should take away licenses or suspend from people aged over 65 to drive on the road for sake of everyone else.

i was on a 3 lane park way going at a speed limit which was 55 mph. i was drive in the middle lane with a car infront of me with no traffic and the car infront is going at same speed because i kept constant distance away from the car. while driving the car infront all of sudden hard breaks trying to use the exit from the middle lane! from 3 lane parkway!
the way that person press on break almost made me think that the person got into an accident.

i was going at 55 without expecting anyone to break that hard on a middle lane to exit. (if i was on the right lane, i would expect someone to do such a thing and i would be more prepared) i pressed on the break but it was too late and i had to rear end the drive infront.

my air bags are popped and front end is destroyed. the lady who got off from the car infront was a 65 years old lady...
weirdly the person wasnt even mad or anything about the accident, all she said was im ok, and are you ok?
i asked her why did u break so hard? and all she said was are you ok?
she tried to avoid my question. this makes me think either shes just a nice laid back lady or is she trying to hide the fact that she did something wrong so that she feels bad about the accident so shes asking me if i am ok?
either way, unless she admits that she tried to exit from the middle lane it will be 100% my fault for the accident.

thankfully i and my wife are both ok with just minor muscle tensions, coughing from the smoke of air bag deploy and a little bit of dizziness.

i hope that the car is not totaled.

heres a pic of the car. let me know what you guys think.

sorry about any sentence not making any sense. just really pissed and sad at the same time. my fingers are moving but its bothering me and my muscles.
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