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Originally Posted by PetoM3 View Post
You can do 2-3 lbs a week if you eat healthy, count calories and be below 1800 for a guy and do cardio+resistance training 5 times a week. In 2 months you'll look a lot better!
Once a diet doctor told me use this formula to find the required daily calorie which will lead to loosing 2-3 lb a week:

[30*(your weight in lb)/2.2]-(1000 to 1200)
so for example your weight is 220 lb:
(30*220/2.2)-(1000 to 1200)= 1800 to 2000 cal/day

Plus have a cheat day every 10-12 days. That results in more fat loss as your body don't get used to low calorie diet and will have its regular metabolism.