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Originally Posted by borabora
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And what I've found works best diet-wise is dropping calorie intake to 1500/day, ideally ~500 calories spaced out at 4 hour intervals. That sounds light, but that's a decent amount of healthy food like fruits, vegetables and grains - compared to one double quarter pounder with cheese.
I think that 1500 calories / day is the starvation diet . a 180 lbs man burns 2000 calories a day without effort...
During the summer I went from 215 to 201 in 10 days eating nothing but the things that came in the Nutrisystem trial. 5 days worth of meals costs $45 at Wal-Mart and I bought two packs of them and did the diet. I was super strict about following it but it was only giving me around 900 calories/day. I was losing about 3000 calories/day so obviously I was in deep caloric deficit. It worked really quickly though and I've never gone above 203 lbs even though I stopped the diet after 10 days. It completely changed me and I eat whatever I want now.

Tomorrow I'm starting a low-carb diet as part of my cutting phase and I'm hoping to drop down to 14% body fat and 180 lbs by December. I'm 5'11 and hit the gym pretty often doing dead-lifts, squats and all those good ones that constantly tear down my muscle fibers. Getting aesthetic is hard work!