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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I haven't looked into keto much. I've recently switched my eating habits around though. I've done two weeks of a paleo based diet. I stay away from grains, breads, dairy, added sugars, and definitely processed sugars (HFCS). I can eat meats, veggies, some fruits, etc. Everything has to be clean though, i.e. the meats have to be grass fed/free range, free of hormones and anti-biotics, all that stuff. A lot of people think this is a low or no carb diet, but it's not that at all. My carb sources are just different. Squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes/yams. No bread carbs, and few carbs from fruits (natural sugar). Naturally because of my new selections, my protein and fat intake is higher and carbs are lower than before. I have not felt a decrease in performance or energy levels though.

So far I am down 11 pounds from that and the workouts I am doing. I can still get up to 2300-2500 calories a day, even though it might be a little tough without all the empty calories from breads and grains.

I'm not looking to bulk up. I feel I have enough muscle mass for my body type to appear proportionate, so I am looking to lean out a bit, but MORE THAN ANYTHING I am looking to FEEL better. After eating a meal with tons of grains/dairy or bread and sugar, I always felt crappy and bloated and just nasty. I haven't felt like that in weeks. I had ONE day where I cheated a bit, we were on the road and had to eat on the go, so we grabbed something small from Starbucks. I got a small coffee cake and a sweet drink. Felt sick within an hour and had to stop on the way home to use the restroom. I decided then I would try to stick to my diet unless it was literally impossible to avoid.
I am in the same boat as you man. I've been eating clean for about three months now. I've dropped my body fat percentage about 3% and gained some good lean muscle mass. I've always been a gym rat and ate well, but the past few months I've really decide to take myself to the next level, and the only way to do it was to clean my diet up. So I did, and over the course of the past three months I've had maybe a total of 5 cheat days...and I feel terrible afterwards! It's always the same deal too, on the road for work or vacation or something. Then I'm in the restroom regretting it! It's crazy how the body wants and needs nutrition when you start feeding it the right way and how it rejects when you feed it with saturated fats and processed ingredients. This is a lifestyle for sure.

I can't comment on the Keto topic. I've never tried it. This might be some good info for you though.