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Originally Posted by Templar View Post

I do have to say though, the saturated fats don't seem to bother me as long as I eat them in moderation. The fats I get from nuts and meats that are saturated seem to be just fine. I also use the animal fats and clarified butter to grease my pan to cook with and the taste is infinitely better. I also use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil when I'm not using any animal fat. As long as the source is clean (like organic, no sugar added pork sausage), then it's fine for what I am doing.

The grains and bread is really what seems to mess with my insides. Maybe I have a slight gluten allergy (although I did try gluten free stuff and felt kind of crappy too).
Yeah man, sugars are what get me the most. The only sugar my stomach can handle is natural sugars from fruits. Anything else makes me cramp! lol! I only eat whole wheat toast and brown rice, and I hardly eat very much of it.