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Originally Posted by ScottM View Post
It just worked after setting up as follows... along with doing the new update. Hope this helps.

1. Update to UPD01005 - get it here http://************/8rfueat
Your car must have the Enhanced Bluetooth option for the Office functionality to work.

2. On the iDrive go to Telephone > Configure Bluetooth and turn on Office.

3. On the iDrive go to Menu and select Office > Messages > and select All messages to be displayed.

4. On the iPhone go to Settings > Messages and make sure Messages are set to Send and Receive.

5. On the iPhone go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and make sure notifications are on, and set to View in Lock Screen. I haven't tested every combination for the notification settings, but I have mine set as follows.
- Notification Center is On
- Show 5 Recent Items
- Alert Style is Banners
- Badge App Icon is On
- Show Preview is On
- View in Lock Screen is On

6. On the iPhone go to Settings > Notifications > Mail and make sure notifications are on, and set to View in Lock Screen. Settings are same as number 5.

7. On the iPhone go to Settings > Bluetooth > and click on the BMW blue arrow link and make sure Show Notifications is selected.

8. To see the messages in the car your phone must be in the locked screen mode - so to test, send an email or text from another phone or computer.

I've only tested this on the iPhone 5 and will test with other iPhones later. So far it seems to be pretty reliable with this configuration and firmware update. The BMW firmware states this update is for the new iPhone 5 but does not mention iOS 6 in anyway. Not sure if there is a compatibility difference with other iPhones running iOS 6.
I just got a 2013 335 yesterday and I've been trying to get the text and email stuff set up. I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1. I have both Enhanced Bluetooth and BMW Apps. I've done of the the above steps and this is what I'm getting. When I get a new text I can see where the iDrive is updating for the new message. The area at the top of the iDrive screen where the time and current song are displayed starts to spin and when done it show the email/message icon. However when I go into messages via either the Office or Connected Drive. It shows nothing. What am I doing wrong?
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