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The car is designed to run the air-conditioning from the on-board battery. In stop and go, the battery is being topped off from brake regeneration.

With A/C off, I have been in electric mode for 15-20 minutes because the car was is using no energy standing still. You can go approx. 2.5 miles in electric mode when topped off. From 'depletion', the engine ran for 1-3 minutes to add back battery capacity.

When using navigation, the 'hybrid and navigation system' optimizes when to use electric mode.

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Could any AH3 owner tell me how long they can have the car in full electric mode while stationary (stuck in traffic/ waiting at drive-thru) before the battery is drained empty and need the engine re-started to power the electrical stuff in the car? And how long will the engine run before it is turned off & back in electric mode? Thanks
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