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I have it on my 328d Touring......LOL So I am sure it's on your 328i.

It does seem wonky on engagement, if it's jerking forward you don't have the brake fully engaged. Remember, this is a computer control program, it is looking for SPECIFIC events to be complete before running the program. You may be stepping on the brake hard enough to stop the car in normal driving or that you feel is hard enough. But you have to have that pedal FULLY, you're about to break through the floor pressed LOL And yes, the accelerator needs to be floored as well, past the resistance point.

If this is done and all other conditions (Sport+, warmed up, has not been launched in at least 5 minutes, etc) you will get the racing flag display in your cluster and you have a few seconds to release the brake and off you go.

A couple of times I have not seen the flag animation but released anyway as it SHOULD have come up by then and the car still launches, so not sure there.

But yes, it's not a real DCT, so it's really just brake boosting/neutral dropping the trans and not a great idea to do a LOT. For an idea, Audi with the real DCT limits launches to 100 in the lifetime of the car. Probably less than half that would be a good number on these transmissions.
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