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Originally Posted by chowser51 View Post
Replace. What's your daughter's life worth to you?
They're 16" tires. It's not even that expensive.

I bought my daughter a brand new awd car with those fancy safety systems. Then I bought her a snow tire/wheel package and people said I'm just wasting money.

My daughter's life is worth it.
100% agree. When I bought a CPO X1 for my teen driver, I was looking for a vehicle that would keep her safe and work for her needs. I like my dealer and have bought many BMWs in the past and when I told them I liked this particular vehicle, they immediately knew we would want new tires all around and just said we will get that done. Heck I just replaced my 340 tires since I travel so often with kids for soccer and had many trips lined up and they (the tires) were nearing the end of their life and I did not want any issues on these long trips.
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