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Here is what I would like.

1. Please make RFT a no cost option for those that like safety over performance. For the rest of us please provide top quality performance tires with a spare tire.

2. An LSD would be a nice addition to the sport package equipped cars.

3. More standard features like keyless start, i-pod integration, heated seats, and alarm system should not be optional but standard on a $35K luxury car..

4. Front and Rear LED lighting.

5. Do not get rid of the orange interior lighting as I love it and its a BMW trade mark.....but instead use more updated 7 series like back light instrument cluster. Also have even more atmospheric lighting through out the cabin to give it that stylish glow.

6. The styling needs to be sporty and stylishly aggressive.

7. The sport package needs to have no bogus (150 mph) speed-limit instead it needs to be de-limited.

8. The sound system needs to be even more powerful and clean.

9. The sport package should come with a thick M-sport steering wheel with flat bottom and bigger paddle shifters and a mean exhaust note.

10. The last but not least for all the technology.....cant u guys design some better and bigger cup holders that can be heated or cooled. Also, the center stack needs to more roomy and bigger. A sunglasses holder would be a nice addition. Plus, a built in standard phone charger that would work with most all phones.

11. Please cut down the 10K-15K mile free oil changes down to at least 7.5K. Not to mention transmission fluid should be changed under free maintenance not latter then 45K miles.

12. Use a bit more carbon fiber all around to reduce weight so that the overall performance is enhanced.

13. Last but not least do not mess with the good steering feel and sharpness. If any thing improve on it.
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