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Before you guys go any further let me state a simple fact. As things stand right now, China's capacity to produce high quality items is on par with Germany. The problem is that here in US most people get a larger boner from saving money than from let's say browsing the Hustler. To that effect the outsourced items have 1 criteria: make it as cheap as possible. China's dynamic production capabilities tailors to this request and what we get here is crap. So, with the right kind of money, China could build a better X5 than US ever would. It is sad that so much know-how in manufacturing left the shores of US and was given to China.

I mean for a country that produces about 80% royal junk in terms of automobiles we are in no position to judge China. If Chevy Cavalier came from China, we would deem it an unacceptable product for sale in US.
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