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Originally Posted by Archibald Donnington View Post
They are always thinking of new and zaney things to do with their money. All of these manufacturers are on their knees begging for more of their seemingly endless cash flow.
As a salesman, I love NEW MONEY!ve
Noro, may I ask where, have you gotten your facts? I would say please base what you say on reality as opposed to to just here-say.
Which fact are you talking about? The 80% of US cars are junk? No facts, just my opinion.

Quality of China's products? Can't be too specific. The company I worked for got their hands on a "fake" version of their product made in China. After extensive testing the "fake" was better built than the real one. The product was for information security purposes and required sophisticated mechanical and electronic production capabilities to produce. This is one specific example that I have personally witnessed. Along with other similar cases that I heard of is how I came to my conclusions.

Unfortunately China is still suffering from the older reputation of building sub-par products along with some political, legal and social issues they have to deal with in-house.

When a US built product fails we say "ah, it's broken, need to get a new one" When a Chinese product fails we say "ah, of course, it's made in China, what do you expect?"

The geographical location of where things are built are less relevant than the philosophy of how the company operates. A knucklehead management can cause a company to produce crap in any country. Detroit auto group is a good example. The workers in Detroit are capable of far more than what we give them credit for, however they are run by a bunch of blind eyed management that has been doing the same thing the same way for half a century.
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