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Originally Posted by smokinHawk View Post
It depends on the intensity

To get them to grow you need to break down the muscle, feed them and let them recover. If you're not allowing them to recover they won't grow. If you don't stimulate them to break down the muscle they won't grow, if you don't feed them they won't grow.
So figure out how long they take to recover to figure out your split.
The less intensity the more per week you can train. The more intense the less you can work them out per week.

Yep, gotta kinda try and figure it out. John Meadows has a great video on set amount and training intensity (Mountaindog1 on youtube). in my opinion, the best and most knowledgable trainer out there. and he makes it easy to understand.

You may also want to just count working sets. I never count typically my first two movements in a set. First is usually a warmup for some bloodflow and the second is usually a lighter weight to kinda feel out the movement and form. So if you see me do 4-5 sets, in reality I'm counting 2-3 as "real" working sets that have the weight and intensity to really work the muscle.
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