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Amazing race and easily one of the best this season! Very happy for Charles and a much deserved win. The fandom in Italy was something to see and made for the perfect race atmosphere.

I'll pile on the Vettel hate...what is going on with him? It's all in his head as he seemingly forgot how to drive. And that unsafe return to track was just scary and could have turned out very badly. Seems like a safe assumption that his seat at Ferrari will open up for next season. Ricciardo would be a great fit imo. A veteran with a good attitude and personality who could challenge Charles and also mentor him in some ways.

It seems that what partially contributed to Vettel's unsafe return to the track was his inability to clearly see who's coming from the left. Apparently the driver's are very limited to how much they can move their head in either direction when strapped into the car with the HANS device. It's been suggested he should have waited for the team to tell him when to rejoin the track safely. My guess is he was trying to limit how many places he was going to lose and hastily rejoined the track.

EDIT: I'm not so sure Vettel will be sacked/fired by Ferrari for two reasons: money and a fitting replacement. If Ferrari decide to sack Vettel, they'd most likely have to pay a large sum to terminate his contract early. And even if they were willing to do that, they would then have to pay a large sum to cover the break in the contract of another top name driver (realistically, Hamilton, Verstappen or Riccardo which all have valid contracts for next year). There's nothing stopping Ferrari bringing on another upcoming talent but a team like Ferrari needs at least one driver with a lot of experience (historically, this has been the case). And if rumor's are to be believed, Leclerc is set to receive a significant pay raise from his current $3.5 million salary for next year. It looks like the only way Vettel wont be racing for Ferrari next year is if he decides to quit on his own.

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