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What are you talking about? Are you just typing anything that comes to your mind just for the heck of it? Fire/sack???? Lol you made me laugh.
A few things: Italian media has always been harsh when a Ferrari driver under-performs but going through the Italian websites of some newspapers and tv channels I noticed a lot of support for Vettel. Videos from spectators changing Vettel's name after he spun were more than I thought they will be (videos from people I know personally and some other fans from the internet). Fans in front of the factory in Maranello hung flags and signs on the gates of the factory and everyone was celebrating Leclerc and Vettel.
I myself hated on Vettel yesterday but true Ferrari fans and Ferrari itself will never leave Vettel. Ferrari is a savage team but having an engineer as team principle will help Vettel keep his seat because Mattia understand Seb's driving style and understands that SF90 isn't a suitable car.
I'm not arguing for Vettel's contract being terminated or suggesting that it's a valid option. His mistake's for the past two seasons have caused many fans to question whether he will continue racing past this year. Most recently people have been calling for him to be fired. My response was merely to point out why it wouldn't happen. These suggestions have been so persistent that a few sites have gone on to point out exactly why it wouldn't happen.

For the record, I personally think there's no reason for anyone to suggest his contract would be terminated and another driver would be found as his replacement. He may be making mistakes, but it's not as black and white as "he's just lost it". As you said, Binotto is fully aware of what the situation looks like and supports both drivers.

EDIT: People seem to forget that Vettel isn't the only reason for him losing the title the last two years. Ferrari went the wrong way on developing the car's floor two year's ago (starting at the Singapore GP) and it took them a few races to figure out thats why their pace dropped off. Then there's the issue of things like a failed spark plug that cost him a goog result at the Japanese GP and poor pit strategy at a few races.

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