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Originally Posted by FrankiE90 View Post

I hear what you're saying. i believe that 4th tip is a dead tip.
tring to remember - it maybe funnel'n through the 3rd tip.
it's safe to say this is a cosmetic mod with minimal benefits to

if the owner install'd an M3 badge - that would fake the funk, imo.
The stock dual tips need'd an upgrade, having an msport rear,
and the owner decided to go with quads. I give him credit for
Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate wanting to enhance the appearance of a car and the stock exhaust definitely needs an upgrade. I don't dislike the fact that it has 4 tips.. I can handle that. It's more that the 4th tip clearly isn't functional and they didn't even make the effort to give it it's own piping. Design fail in my opinion and hence the faking the funk comment.

With all that said, I still like the fully installed appearance.