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Because it's not that big of a deal and if you want to get technical, there's not much soot shooting out when it's at idle I don't think. Most of it comes when you're out driving and you step on it.
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So the next question is, with all of this software controlled flap nonsense going on, why not have a binary flag flip on each startup to in essence "rotate" the exhaust path used for warm up on each ignition?
That would also warrant the need of an extra flap in the second exhaust! Just not possible with the current installation. Don't think that would get past accounting either!

Nice of you to make this a sticky haha did see it being asked frequently!

In addition though one question: On the 28i (and possibly also the 35i) I've noticed that cold start RPMS vary sometimes. Sometimes it goes to about 1650 and it starts up LOUD. Other times it goes to about 1450 and it's much quieter.. Engine had the same amount of time to cool down, sometimes days.. Car probably has a reason for it but I can't seem to find a pattern