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Battery Discharge

Soooo a couple of weeks ago I had my car in the shop for an urelated issue. (It was in the body shop) and when I got the car back I see a message in the windshield, "battery discharged while (?)". Okay cool so I let it idle for a while, make a couple stops and headed to work. When I left work and started the car I noticed it turned over rather slowly. Couple days go by and one morning it was more chilly outside than usual and the car wouldn't start at all......
Eventually after pressing the start button it went ahead and started I then received another message in the windshield. "Higher or more battery discharge". Again I let the vehicle idle for a while and drove around for a period of time to let the car charge. I believe it may be time for a battery for my horse. With it being a '14 year model it was sold in 2013 and 7 years is a while to go without a battery. Keep in mind I do have sub and amp installed, probably 1000 rms. Any suggestions? All advice is appreciated.