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Originally Posted by f34guy View Post
Okay so I need to plug it up to the battery in the trunk or up under the hood. In the trunk I'm assuming
Connect wire to the charging posts, with an in line fuse as close as possible to the positive post. You can unscrew the posts to fit U connectors beneath them. lug.jpg lug.jpg
Run the wire to the lower grille, put a quick connector there, zip tie the connector to the grille. Plug the connector from the charger in there.
Use split loom plastic tubing to wrap the wire (first photo), incorporating as much of the existing wiring as well to protect it.
Bill fits it happened again last night. Only this time, it damn near didn't want to crank at all..... started throwing all kinds of warnings; rear spoiler; drivetrain malfunction; it was really bad. Eventually got her to turn over and she was whistling..... made it home turned her off and cranked her again with not problem. Help me out my brother
Either the battery isn't holding a charge or something is draining it when the engine is off. The way to see if it's the latter is to check the battery voltage when you park it for the night, then disconnect the negative battery terminal. The next morning re-connect the battery, check the voltage before starting the car. If the voltage goes down by more than a volt overnight the battery is toast. If not do a voltage test at night and the next morning, leaving the battery hooked up. If it's way down this time something major isn't shutting down when the car isn't running.