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Here's mine...

Picked up my 320i M Sport EBII Manual on Saturday afternoon and traded in my old trusty eco-warrior 118d Sport. The 118d had been good to me, lovely to own and drive, never had any problems and a full tank of diesel just seem to last forever! It just lacked a bit of punch but was fast enough for day to day driving and the 30 annual road tax and it's economy made up for it. I was a little sad to let it go but when I look at my new F30, the old 118d is all forgotten! I'm really pleased with my 320i and I still have a smile on my face, it looks much better in real life than in picture IMO! I got to drive it out of the showroom which was a nice touch and was a very pleasant pick up experience again (exactly the same as last time when I got my E87).

I can go on and on about the good things about my F30 but I'm sure you've all heard the good points before so I'll let you know the little gripes I have at the moment...

1) I can't seem to find a good position for the M Sport steering wheel. As nice as the wheel is, I find the left and right spokes are placed a little too low, I think I would be slightly more comfortable if they were placed higher rather than having your hands at exactly 3 and 9 o'clock position. I can hold it at the 10 and 2 position (above the bulged out bits) which is perfect but I have to move my hands down if I want to access the controls on the steering wheel.

2) I find the small LCD screen on the bottom of the dashboard placed too low. With my steering column adjusted to sit pretty high to give me a comfy driving position, I find it obstructs the bottom half of the screen. So unless I look over the steering wheel, I can't usually see the bottom line of the screen showing the temp, ODO and trip meter.

3) Reverse parking sensors continue beeping even after I take the gear shift out of reverse! Anyway to remedy this??

4) I find my doors don't always close properly. Maybe I'm not slamming them hard enough as I'm very precious with the car.

Anyway, these are just small gripes from pootling around this weekend. Overall, it's a beautiful car to look at and it drives even better! So balanced and refined, has punch when you need it and the 320i is a good balance between performance and economy. I love it!

P.S. I love that new car smell!
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