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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
I've must not been paying attention lately to BMW. I had no idea they were adding the 320i to the F30 line up. Now at over 200,000 on my E90, I'll be soon looking to replace it in the next 50,000 miles (which is a year and a half for me).

I've owned a BMW 3-series since 1988 and have two in the stable right now. I've bought all three as new cars and do all my own maintenance (I hate the stupid pre-paid maintenance plan BMW makes you buy in the US). So call me not a Roundel badge whore; but I don't see the need to tart-up a great driving BMW with a bunch of options. I drive about 34,000 miles a year in my E90; I really don't want to spend an extra $7K for options that don't really enhance the driving experience.

So the 320i got my interest, until I looked into the details. On the BMW website, on some pages (the first I read), called the engine a "2.0L in-line 4 cylinder" with 180 HP; so I thought, great a naturally aspirated 4-banger (= a bit slower but with reliability and better fuel mileage), just what I need for my commute. But no, it's just a detuned N20, with no better EPA MPG rating than the N20 in the 328i. It's 0 - 60 time is 7.1 seconds vs. the 328i's 5.8 seconds. Considering the reliability of BMW's turbos (E90 335i) is not yet known for the N20, I can't justify a 320i purchase as a high mileage low maintenance cost daily driver.

Sparsely optioned, like my current E90 325i is (Sport package, Adaptive HIDs, and Bluetooth), the F30 320i comes in at $37,195. A similarly equipped 328i Sport Line comes in at $42,225, a $5,250 difference for 60 more HP and 1.3 seconds fast 0 - 60 time. Hummmm.... Not sure I see the point.

So, close BMW, close; why not give us long-timer cheapo-badge whores, a nice 2.0L naturally aspirated and reliable in-line 6 (like a 3-Series should have) with direct injection for an F30 320i price.
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