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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
I'm just wondering if it NEEDS to be that badass for what I want. I mean, if I can get it down to $1500 with only maybe a 10% drop in performance I would.
Im not familiar with performance of the Oculus, and itís really hard to say what someone elses expectations are, of course all those components are very high end and you donít Ďneedí them to run any game. If you choose the 10700k then where I can see you saving money is with memory, 16gb is going to be plenty fine. The nvme drive, a 1tb 2.5inch ssd can be found for cheaper. 850watt supply isnít needed but probably wonít save you much money. Window 10 keys can be purchased for $25.
Most importantly though is waiting for the 3070, or finding a used 2080ti for ~$500. Youíll regret not waiting because there is quite a jump in power from the 3000 series cards. The 2070 super is pretty equal to a 1080ti which was released in 2017.
Good luck.