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Originally Posted by iM View Post
i make sure to reset the mpg every time i fill the gas to get more accurate average..

i've seen 35+mpg on highway and 31.8 combined mpg...450+miles for one full tank. And i am seeing 32+ mpg (combined) on current tank..

and the power is simply incredible. my break-in period is finally over and did full throttle last night for the first time....and couldn't stop doing it. That extra torques really make the difference..
That is good to hear, iM! I can't wait to try out the acceleration as well. I should be out of break-in in about 10 days. I'll post some '09 335i vs '13 AH3 acceleration comments. I've already turned in the 335i - so it won't be very scientific.

Wish some magazines would do some instrumented tests or comparos. Our F30s are limited by wheelspin on 0-60 runs. That's why we see the xi posting the best numbers. I'm curious how much the battery weight over the rear wheels on AH3 will help to get a better launch. And then, there's that instant torque from the electric motor helping throughout the range.

There are 2 youtube videos that give some inkling of how fast these cars are. One shows an AH3 keeping up with a M135i on a German autobhan. The other shows the speedo while someone is doing a 0-150+ km/h run.

I'll post some interior pics this weekend.