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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
Another day, another bad rap for Tesla...

Sorry, I see this as a good news for Tesla.
First, there's nothing indicating nor is anyone else insinuating that this has anything to do with any Tesla-specific feature, like auto-pilot. There are literally hundreds of fatal crashes every day all over the world, this is just one of them.
The Tesla could have continued going due to momentum, not auto-pilot. Is it that rare that a car crashes and continue going and hit pedestrians?
Second, the Honda gets hit head-on with such force that the engine and transmission gets pushed into the cabin and dislodges completely from the car. That probably contributed to killing the passenger.
OTOH, not having an engine at all, the Tesla's frunk worked as a crumple zone and completely absorbed the energy. The passenger cabin is relatively intact (look at the pictures).
Where's the bad news?

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