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I spoke to one of the parts counter guys at the dealer recently, he's worked there for over 25 yrs and has not seen one example of a N20 coming apart due to timing chain issue. I live not 10 miles from the Duncan assembly plant where all the X models are built so I'm sure with the abundance of BMW's in the area, if there was an issue we'd see it here.
Considering the n20 has been in circulation for about 8 years, his "25 years" has little relevance. Furthermore, proximity to a manufacturing plant has nothing to do with frequency of failure.

The question of "is it a problem" was answered long ago. Proven not only by numerous reports we see here but by the action BMW has taken to avoid a recall by issuing an extended warranty.
His 25 yrs is very relevant being that he has been with BMW a long time and has experience dealing directly with any issues that may be out here

Being in close proximity is very much to be considered, BMW offers special lease rates for ALL their employees and that being said there is a magnitude of BMWs in this area. So the large amount of the vehicles being in this area and this particular dealer being the ONLY dealer within 5 counties shows that this dealer would see a significant amount of cars with any 'common' issue. This wouldn't add to the frequency but the fact that if there was a problem then with the abundance of vehicles, more so than other market places, they would see an issue more so than a rural community if there was one.

The Duncan plant employs over 11,000 people, I understand that not every employee owns a BMW but even a decent percentage and the fact that that special lease rate is extended to family would build on the amount of purchases more so than a market without the plant.

It's the same for any manufacturer.