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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
I think another tenth off your 60ft is not out of the question which would give you a 13.15-13.2@104+

PPK alone would have you then in the 12's!
I was thinking it is probably capable of it if launch control would actually launch it harder. I have spent 4 hours at the track and saw what it was running so I didn't expect a lot more.
It's a good baseline for people, there is so little documented 1/4 runs of the 435xi I figured it would help out the community at large and satisfy my own curiosity.

I read Motor Trends long term test of the 435xi with the JB4 is running 12.8x with nothing other then the JB4.

Does seem the potential is there. Once they sort out the electronic waste gate issues. Should be an ass hauling coupe with simply the JB4.
Seems crazy that these large cars run these times right out of the box already.