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Originally Posted by roxxor View Post
As for the REM, just going off of what my best educated guess is, but it appears that the differences between the parts (701, 702, etc) is that they have different pin configurations for different Vehicle Options. So vehicles that did not come from the factory with PDC would not have a REM that has the pin-outs for it. The reason I ended up going with the 700 is that it has every pin output available on the REM, essentially a "fully-loaded" F30's REM. Therefore, it would have the PDC and any other pins needed if I ever decided to retrofit anything else involving the REM. In checking on google, it looks like the 700 part #'s have been superseded to 61359362394, meaning you probably can't order the 700 new anymore. Unfortunately, without an image of the new one to go by to see the pins, I can't vouch that it is the same.
700 it is then! As for the 394, I'm not feeling the "pioneering" spirit right now so i'm going to continue to go down the beaten path and use what is tried and true. Also, I don't require all new parts (and not willing to pay that premium), so getting a gently used 700 off Ebay fits my needs perfectly.

I don't want any additional unanticipated problems as this is right at the edge of what my comfort level is as far as retrofitting goes. The fact that this retrofit is not "available" for F30's in the US made me nervous from the get go. On top of that, having to replace something as critical as the factory REM with a new part, then having to code that new FA option in... puts me right at the edge of the cliff if you know what i mean. Any more surprises, and i'm bolting

Ultimately, what i'm really after is the OEM rear camera for safety reasons. And since this rear PDC is a pre-req, this is really just a stepping stone towards my final goal. I know i coulda gone the Bimmertech route, but i'm trying to do this in the most cost-effective way as possible. Plus its kinda fun to tackle these types of projects. I always learn a TON.

But.... I never would have even contemplated this retrofit had you not blazed the trail first, and got it working. So for that, i am and will be eternally grateful!!!

Btw... where is koch92? Did he ever get his rear PDC working after coding? Haven't heard anything...