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Thumbs up Is it called paint correction if its on vinyl or would it be called vinyl correction?

Hey guys!

Fairly new to detailing, I wrapped my car in Vvivid Charcoal Satin and Vvivid Carbon Fiber for the roof in March of this year. The roof wrap looked amazing, almost as good as my friends M4 (real) carbon fiber roof. But as time went by, the sun really ate it up. Wrapping your car is not cheap and I did not want to pay someone again to re-wrap the roof just to have it get like this again. I did some research online but could not find anything specific to my situation so I decided to do some trial and error. I picked up Jay Leno's Garage Gold Series line, it comes in 3 steps. Step 1 is the compound (most aggressive), step 2 is the polish (a little aggressive), step 3 is the finishing polish (least aggressive).

the before, it was super rough to the touch. I tried using a waterless spray to clean off any dirt on top but it stayed looking the same

I used a microfiber towel and some elbow grease. I don't own a machine..

Looks like step 3 did a decent job, I could still see some imperfections. If you look at the left side of the image you can still see a little layer of gunk.

Step 2 did a good job, I did not see any layers left of gunk compared to step 3. I probably can use step 2 all around.

Step 1 cut through all the gunk pretty quickly, did not have to use as much elbow grease compared to step 2 & 3. Doesn't look like new new but looks soooo much better.

I was not expecting much, after all, vinyl is just a really big sticker and it does not have the same properties of paint. I also do not own a machine so I had to do everything by hand with a microfiber towel. I am probably triggering a lot of you with my lack of knowledge but any feedback is appreciated. I also recorded a video of the testing, check it out and let me know what you think.

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