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Originally Posted by hans007 View Post
i don't really see your point.

for $2500 for sport line, essentially you get a sport suspension, 18" rims, summer rated tires and most importantly the sports seats. you also get trim that doesnt look like plastic that was spray painted with silver paint.

i would imagine buying after market parts to replace all that will cost more than $2500, especially the seats.

i mean theres other cosmetic things , like having black headliner etc, that well if you want it you get. even the b pillar trim outside is glossy instead of flat black. i mean for $2500 it doesnt seem like a terrible deal unless you hate the rims that come with some of the lines.

A sport suspension that I still would not consider "sport"...maybe sport comfort?
18" wheels that I would essentially replace right away. But they do look nice.
Summer rated tires that are run flats....and would be destroyed on a couple track days and would need to be swapped (have swapped mine already).
I think the silver painted is the same cheap material as the sport trim....are they different? Weight savings?
Black headliner I could care less for.
Glossy b-pillar? You mean the ones that chip?
Only thing I like are the sport seats but I've tracked mine already and I did not experience any sliding around in my seat (I expected to be all over the place and was surprised - even on 3 wheels).

That would be $2500 that I saved and can be used towards real performance mods or track time.
I guess its all what the buyer wants but in the end I still don't understand.

You should come out to the autoX event on Nov 11 at california speedway and utilize those sport parts and I would like to see what all those parts do for performance gains - I mean really, marginal differences? These aren't M3's.

I see you are in CC, I'm in ktown - we can roll up there together. There are a couple others going in their F30s.

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