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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
Not understanding the advice regarding staying within the official speed limit. To a NYC/LI driver that is 55; to an AZ driver it could be 85+.
I'm pretty sure they don't mean that you should keep to the speed limit because of the engine but because it's the law!

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
An oil change takes $50 of parts and fluids and takes all of fifteen minutes. Doing one after 1,200 miles is easy peace of mind. M cars still have it, and they largely run production based motors now.

You stated that modern engines are built to higher tolerances and don't have break in issues like older engines, but I've seen higher heavy metal numbers on newer, and especially turbo charged engines, than I did on older cars. I'm simply stating that if some BMW's recommend a low mileage oil change, and if real, measurable contaminants show up at those intervals, it's an easy decision for some of us to continue to do it on our cars. Do what you want with yours.
Regarding M cars, they're tuned and driven very differently to other cars. So it's no surprise that BMW have different oil change recommendations compared with less highly-strung engines.
I'd be curious to know whether BMW were among the modern engines that had more contaminants than older cars. I'd also be curious to know whether these contaminants are picked up in the oil pre-filtration or post-filtration, as it may be that part of the reason for the change in oil change advice is improved filters - I don't know.

It is indeed peace of mind. While I would say that changing the oil EVERY 2,000 miles is a bit pointless and OCD, I wouldn't say that anyone changing the oil after the first few thousand miles is doing anything wrong - and I don't think that anyone else is saying that either.

My point is that I think these threads cause people who otherwise wouldn't have thought about it unnecessary worry, and it shouldn't.

How long do you plan on keeping your BMW out of interest? I do intend eventually on keeping a BMW from new until it falls to bits perhaps 20 years later and as I implied above I will then change the oil after 2,000 miles. I know that I'll only keep my F30 for a couple of years though so I can't be bothered.