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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I had my M Coupe 137k miles, and it was still going great and that was with the recommended intervals. The 1er is sort of a "meh" so even though I paid to have the oil changed at 1200 miles, and have done a change between each of the recommended changes, I doubt it will benefit me at all.
Then if you plan on keeping your F30 for the same amount of time changing the oil early makes a lot of sense to me .

What made you get rid of your M Coupe if you don't mind me asking? Were you just bored with it, or was it getting a bit soft, or was it suffering from too many problems?

I'm really curious to know how long cars usually last when well looked after as I'm convinced most people get rid of them when they still have plenty of life left; even the cars value drops so low that repairs cost more than its value, those repairs can still cost less than the depreciation of replacing the car.