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Originally Posted by DarkTrigger View Post
I'd like to meet up for a code meet too. I kept missing the last ones. So this is long overdue. Didn't you guys meet up at South Coast Plaza once? How'd that work out?

Never been to Bimmerfest. Any tips?
No, LA Zoo, I-5/Jamboree, and home only. Coding meets are always fun. It's nice to see what people have done to their rides.

This will be my first Bimmerfest too, so I don't know what to expect. Vendor displays and lots of cars I guess.

I'm going to caravan with a 818/805 group in Calabasas; should be fun!
I'm pretty sure there are LA and OC caravans too.

BTW: the last two cars we've coded we enabled Office, streaming audio, added support for the white iPod/Phone cable (no more Y-cable) which supports album art, and a second active phone. If you car has a combox (6NH), then we can change it to 6NK and enable all of these things!