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Did you have a chance to ask for a full maintenance history (the vehicle being sold at a non BMW dealer duly noted)?

If the full maintenance history is not available, even the inspection performed by the dealer may not highlight all potential issues.

First series of thoughts:

- Was the car involved in any accident?
- The scoring on the right front brake rotor is a concern, especially if the left front brake rotor does not show the same wear and tear. Brakes rarely exhibit substantially uneven wear and tear, unless for unknown reasons excessive right brake caliper pressure caused the pad to be exerted against the rotor with much greater force. Again - this is very rare. Ask the dealer to pull all stored fault codes
- The battery is most likely ready to be replaced
- Wheel alignment should be checked but it's a good investment. Suspension components requiring replacement would be identified
- Oil analysis is not expensive. Highly recommend to do it before purchasing
- Good indy shop or dealer can identify if DME was flashed with a tune. You might be buying a car which has been tuned and driven aggressively, effectively transferring future repair expenses to you. Piggyback tunes are more difficult to identify but still possible

Oil change costs about $100 with BMW coupon sent frequently. I wouldn't place much value on bargain priced oil change to accelerate the purchase decision.

My humble perspective: without a full maintenance history, I would not recommend buying it. Many forum members sell their cars with exceptional maintenance records. This forum is a great place to start shopping for a used BMW.

Any other questions? Just ask.