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I power lifted for years until age and injuries caught up to me (i am now 40). The highest weight I got to as a meat head was 215 (6"1). I had to take a year off just to recover from.. oh the entire fucking body falling apart. I stared again 2 months ago and I am not just body building with moderate weights and lots of back to back lifts without too much rests and lots of cardio after. I missed the power lifting days because I had an excuse to eat my ass off (healthy) but now I am at about 195 and feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Let me share one thing that fucked up my knees... squats ass to grass style for over 10 years and heavy. I have now moved on to hack squats with straight leg dead lifts (no where near the poundage I am used to but oh well).
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