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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
I like my 340i Msport AT.
The B58 engine is fantastic, powerful, and it enjoys being high in the rev band.
My cold start shaky idle sucks, and BMW still hasn't given a fix, and my dealer tech and the service dept manager keep trying to convince me that a shaking engine at cold start is NORMAL and BMW designed it that way.
Yeah, ok.

My 340i has the adaptive dampers.
The overall suspension needs to be better tuned for flatter handling, less wallow and less nervous rear end on mid corner bumps at speed.
Too much suspension tweaking for the non sport sedan crowd influencing how BMW tunes the sport and Msport variants.
That's a big oversight and they need to correct that.

I don't need driver "modes" to attempt and get me to believe that "sport+" is somehow a greater level of sport compared to the "sport" mode.
Tune the car to be the best SPORT sedan it can be and I'll take that as the singular default mode.
We already had a selectable control for traction and stability controls, and we already had a selectable "sport" setting for the auto trans even before the F30 and it's driver "modes". Redundant and duplicate controls are pointless.
"Eco pro" is pointless in a 3.0 turbo Msport.

There was nothing wrong with the adaptive xenon headlights, and I notice no improvement in night time lighting with the LED headlights. And actually, the LED headlights seem a bit dimmer for some reason and light up less of the road. That could be a needed adjustment, I'm not sure.
Including the LED headlights has removed the adaptive/swivel of the former adaptive xenon headlights. BMW wants me to pay more so the new headlights swivel when that function was included before.
No, I don't think so. Adaptive xenon should have been the standard item and adaptive LED headlights should have been optional.

The HK audio system needs updating badly. LOGIC 7 is pointless and worthless. Engaging it ruins stereo recordings, and I have no need for artificial "surround sound" in my car.
The overall sound quality for an $850 upgrade is not there at all. Sure, the volume can get loud, but the acual audio quality is not there.
Competing manufacturers have better audio systems in the same class and price range.

REDUCE, REDUCE the freaking road/tire noise!
OMG, why does my 2016 BMW 340i sound like I'm driving an early 1990's Chevy sedan over rough pavement?
Does proper sound deadening and proper door seals really cost that much and cut greatly into BMW profits?

FIX the freaking driver side windshield wiper!
I have the exact same spot that the wiper glides over or smears as I did in my 2013 335i. It's the exact SAME spot. I had the dealer replace that wiper on the 335i 3 times and it still glided over the same spot. And now, the same with my 340i, and the wipers have been replaced, no fix.

So, some stupid little things, and some big oversights.
Overall, the 340i is a noticeable improvement over the pre LCI 335i especially in regards to the steering, suspension, handling, and brakes.
The added performance of the B58 is very welcomed, though the N55 was/is still a great engine too.
I get excellent MPG from my 340I as well.
I'm getting nearly 2mpg better than what I got with the 335i.

I have great expectations for the next chassis 3 series.
BMW really REALLY needs to get it right, especially the "Sport" and/or "Msport" variants correct. If the next 3 series is a rehash of the F30 with new sheet metal and updated interior, then I'm moving on and away.
Hopefully the 2 series interior will be greatly improved from it's current low rent design and materials as it will be my only other BMW choice.
If neither of those cars works out, then I'm getting an Audi S3.
In my experience the S3 is already has a nicer more modern interior, and is good bit more fun to drive than my 340i. It's also more fun to drive than the A4 and S4. BMW has yet to have an answer for the S3. The M240i is not it.

PLEASE, bring back the "3 series SPORT sedan".
You've done it before, you can do it again.
Your posts are always thorough and insightful, thank you. For someone who's not a BMW aficionado, would you say the 340i is a great car for first-time BMW owners?