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Originally Posted by nozydog View Post
I've seen a few and was tempted, but I chose 340i because:
1) Far, far cheaper than XE S
2) Manual box
3) Proper handbrake (a huge bonus for me personally)
4) iDrive not touch screen
5) it's shorter
6) Had an F30 before and liked it

There were too many reasons (for me personally) not to get the Jag!! I was initially worried that I might end up with a SA build but it sounds as though that shouldn't be a worry!
That rotary pop-up gear dial.. too novelty/gimmicky .. the visual lines after a while are just not as balanced as the BMW F30 even non-m-sport.. BMW really has got it going on all-around. Congrats on yer choice as well I know you are enjoying your vehicle as I am.