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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
I like my 340i Msport AT.

I don't need driver "modes" to attempt and get me to believe that "sport+" is somehow a greater level of sport compared to the "sport" mode.
Tune the car to be the best SPORT sedan it can be and I'll take that as the singular default mode.
We already had a selectable control for traction and stability controls, and we already had a selectable "sport" setting for the auto trans even before the F30 and it's driver "modes". Redundant and duplicate controls are pointless.
"Eco pro" is pointless in a 3.0 turbo Msport.
I agree with everything else you said except for this. The changes are slight, but noticeable on the 340, but very very apparent and absolutely needed on the F8X. If the option to fine tune the modes is necessary on the F80, I think it should be included on the F3X by the simple fact that it enhances the driving experience. The fuel economy savings is measurable in Eco/Efficient mode in both the F30 and F80. If you have the MPE on both the F30 and the F80, you absolutely need eco/efficient mode because the exhaust is loud... like obnoxiously loud in sport mode. I found myself using all the modes in both my 340 and my M3 for different occasions. Also, I personally hate sport and sport+ mode for steering. I think comfort mode gives the best road feel, and the other modes feel like artificial dampening. A big misstep by BMW imho. The ability to go into comfort mode for steering and sport+ mode for everything else is a MUST for me, and if BMW takes away that ability, then I'm worse off for it. BUT I'm sure not everyone feels the same way about the steering mode, so they might like the extra resistance, and more power to them; it just confirms that the driver needs to be able to tailor the driving experience to his/her tastes. The only way I would accept not being able to change steering modes is if BMW goes back to hydraulically assisted steering.
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