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Originally Posted by oarnura View Post
Variation with songs is a function of the mastering process of the source material. The HK sound system is revealing the flaws in the recording that your old VW system wasn't able to.

Basically a lot of music is mastered like shit. A lot of them are mastered at higher volume levels with dynamic range compression. Some with over blown bass etc.. A higher resolution audio system will reveal the weakness in the source material. If you pick a song that has less bass in the mastering and adjust your bass levels higher. The next song you play that has higher bass levels in the recording will make the bass overblown.

Pick a reference song and set your levels and accept the fact that not all songs are recorded the same and just live with it. This is the bane of the Audiophile.
Absolutely this. I'll say up front that I'm no audio engineer, but it's been blatantly clear over the last 10+ years that the mastering process for most modern music is absolutely abysmal--sadly most of which plague the rock genre of which there have been many potentially outstanding albums killed by horrible mastering. Compressed to shit and almost un-listenable at times.

Thanks all for the feedback on the sound system--what a relief. Saw so many negative comments and was worried. I'm not expecting a state-of-the art system, but for a $65K car I'd expect something above average...or at least something better than a damn Subaru!

Great thread, BTW--one of the most informative I've read on here.