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Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112 View Post
hahaha its all gimmicks with the 60D IMO I use my live view finder only to make sure my color temperatures are correct but other than that, primarily being a photographer, I see no other reason for an articulating screen. I guess its a feature most would use for videography, but still photography ehh I think its useless.
I dont agree But I guess it depends on what use you make out of it.

I have a tilting screen on my NikonD5000 and would love to have it on my other cameras as well. For macro shots when the angle is ackward (i.e. down low or), its not easy to focus with the eye in the viewfinder. Since Macro always require a little manual adjustment to get tack sharp focus, its a must.

Again, I would have liked to have it again when doing moon shots since the lens is pointing up and sometimes to get my viewfinder at eye leve, I have to raise the center column of my tripod, which reduce the tripod's stability and create some vibration.

So yes, Sometimes I would really love to have it on my D800.
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