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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Great lens, great car.

Did you use Digital Lens Optimizer software to square up that picture? At 28mm I would have expected more geometric distortion on the garage's straight lines and the paving at the edges of the frame. That's incredibly good if it's straight out of the camera.

The 24-105mm is my main lens on my 5D MkIII, but I use DxO Optics Pro to correct for geometric errors, CA, vignetting, etc. DPP has DLO built into it and you can add it into Lightroom. It looks to me like you've already discovered DLO, but, if not, check it out.
There is definitely going to be more pull on your FF body than in the 50D, the lines in the garage aren't PERFECTLY straight but its its all good for this purpose

Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
I dont agree But I guess it depends on what use you make out of it.

I have a tilting screen on my NikonD5000 and would love to have it on my other cameras as well. For macro shots when the angle is ackward (i.e. down low or), its not easy to focus with the eye in the viewfinder. Since Macro always require a little manual adjustment to get tack sharp focus, its a must.

Again, I would have liked to have it again when doing moon shots since the lens is pointing up and sometimes to get my viewfinder at eye leve, I have to raise the center column of my tripod, which reduce the tripod's stability and create some vibration.

So yes, Sometimes I would really love to have it on my D800.
Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
Pretty much this. An articulating screen is great if you're shooting from odd positions and/or angles. With one, you're not relegated to using only the standard viewfinder or angle adapter. The articulating screen provides more freedom in that respect. They're come in handy from time to time on my advanced point-and-shoots. That said, not everyone shoots in such manners. For those that don't, there is no need for one.
hahah but that's all part of the grind! sometimes you gotta just put the extra effort in for the picture to just add some extra character into your images. Not everyone will know but you will
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