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Originally Posted by drob23 View Post
Point taken...I'm working at the R&D center where most of my colleagues will have PhDs and masters degrees, so much different than a plant in terms of culture. I think they force anyone not driving a Ford to park far away at the plant, and vandalism could be a problem there.

Our family has had disastrous experiences with Fords, especially transmission problems. Plus, I don't think they really have a model that can compete with a 335, maybe the new MKZ, but I just don't feel confident spending that kind of money on a Lincoln.
The A-Plan pricing is really hard to ignore. Contemporary Fords (2007+) are light years ahead of the cars of yore from a reliability/quality standpoint. But I agree, you won't have an issue with a BMW at R&D. My main concern would be subjecting a nice BMW to Michigan roads in the winter. Check out the new Fusion. It's looking like a pretty damn nice car.