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Originally Posted by Daveyc View Post
I drove from Bristol to Tunbridge Wells and back today on business. Left at 5:30am, but still hit nasty traffic round bottom half of the M25. I drove like an old woman eco-pro and didn't go much over 70 and got an indicated 62mpg on the gauge for about 60 miles, but it fell over time (and with heavier traffic) to a 59.8 after 130 miles.

This seems very sustainable, as long as you don't get too bored of going no faster than 70 and you're willing to drop your speed to 60mph on long up-hill sections of motorway. In traffic, there is no pain at all in doing this, though it takes commitment on a clear road ... :-) My mpg fell away to 58.4 by the time I reached TBW, as I'd spent 40 minutes in stop-start traffic. That included slow traffic driving into TBW.

Driving home, there was a heavy headwind on the M4 and I couldn't get the MPG much above 58. I got bored of trying in the last 20 miles and had a bit of fun with the car in Sport, with the 'box' set to sport as well. I had 57mpg on the clock by the time I turned into my street, over a 310 mile round trip.

Quite impressed with that, although I can't see myself having the patience to waft around at 70 all the time.
Wow, nice going.....must be something wrong with mine, lol